Hello There.

I'm Lauren and that's David on the left. We're coming up on three years of marriage and can honestly say it's been the best experience of our lives. 

We're a photographer + a musician who have merged our lives and our passions with the aim to inspire Hope around us.

We love adventure. We are addicted to beauty. We love working with couples and families who are crazy in love and who aren't afraid to be raw for the sake of creating something wonderful. 

I first laid eyes on David in 2012 at the album release for HOPE.  I came early to set up chairs, he was the headliner. It wasn't more than a few months before we were introduced and a few months after that we fell in love. 

In 2013 we started dreaming of merging our passion for creativity. We're totally given to see each other thrive in their art and didn't want to keep traveling alone. Soon thereafter, Red Cardinal Studio was born. David is my best friend and my second shooter. I'm his go-to-girl and his biggest fan. 

I've had the privilege to work with photographers from Backpacker Magazine, to National Geographic, to The White House; but at the end of the day, together is where I'd rather be. For editorial inquires, check out LaurenOlinger.com

In addition to being my husband, an amazing second-shooter, and recording artist; David specializes in live-performance. From time-to-time David provides live music for the ceremonies of our darling brides. For more on David, check out his album HOPE on iTunes.